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You can donate to FEDA through two bank accounts:

In Australia, please make a direct deposit into the following FEDA National Australia Bank account:
Account Number: 46-455-6381
Account Name: Emma Leslie & Soth Plai Ngarm (FEDA Fund)
Bank: Australia National Bank
Branch: Bathurst, New South Wales
BSB Number: 082-441

In Cambodia, please make a direct deposit to ACLEDA Bank account:
Account Number: 0001-20-142187-1-5
CHIPS UID: 415637

Whichever option you chose please let us know by email (fedacambodia@gmail.com) that you have made a deposit or transfer.

Buy the book – The Monk, the Farmer, the Merchant, the Mother


This book tells the true stories of the lives of four simple country people. Now old, they reflect on the events of their lives and talk about the traditions of Khmer village life.

Mey Sampho tells of life in Buddhist monastery where he acts as Deputy to the Head Monk; Chhin Muon describes the techniques of rice farming upon which rural communities depend, Nun Chhuon talks of his impoverished childhood and his lifelong struggle to set up a number of successful small business and Prom Tun recounts her dedicated and determined quest to train as a mid-wife and to bring safer modern techniques of midwifery to women in rural communities.
This is one of the only books which documents the lives of survivors who stayed in Cambodia and in their own words. It is also a significant anthropological reflection on Cambodian life over the past six decades. The book is just $10 and all Profits go to FEDA.

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FEDA is very grateful to the work of its volunteers from all over the world. If you have skills you think could be useful to FEDA please contact our director, Soth Plai Ngarm at plaingarm@gmail.com

Help us raise funds

Whether it’s by having a sale at a local school, getting in contact with a corporate company, or doing a sponsored swim, FEDA is grateful for your time helping us to raise funds.

Rent one of our Kayaks on the River


Check out our brochure for Kayaking Tours on the Sangke River

Click here for to open our brochure.

Kayak Tour, please contact our operator directly

1. Nang Meun, Tel: 017 736 166, Email: nangmeun@yahoo.com

2. Roun Thangdy, Tel: 092 464 060, Email:

Thanks to Our Supporters

Thank you to everybody who have and who continue to contribute to the work of FEDA. This is all possible thanks to you.No matter how small the contribution, it all adds up to change the lives of young people, giving them a brighter future.

Our Contact Details

Email: fedacambodia@gmail.com
Phone: +855 12 718857 (Director’s Mobile)
Mailing address: PO Box 2552, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia
FEDA office address: Ksach Poy Village, Wat Kor Commune, Svay Por District, Battambang, Cambodia

Contact FEDA Staff and Advisors:

Soth Plai Ngarm – Director: plaingarm@gmail.com
Emma Leslie – Advisor: emmacambodia@gmail.com