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P1400624Ksach Poy, Battambang

Ksach Poy has no running water or electricity. There is no public transport running along the bumpy road that links it to Battambang.

The villagers are rice farmers and the majority of them are, by any standards, extremely poor: the average family income is around $30 USD a month.


P1400858Many families supplement their rice income by growing fruit and running other small enterprises such as trading stalls and ‘taxis’ offering transportation into town. All family members are commonly involved in some kind of work and children start helping out with the animals or crops from a very early age.

Education and health are key factors in the improvement of future prospects for the youth of the village. Many of the children of Ksach Poy suffer from malnutrition and this is further
complicated by a lack of basic medical facilities.

There are around 300 children aged between 6 and 18 – most complete primary school in the village but many are required to work in the rice fields or at home rather than attend secondary school.