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P1400566Green Orange Kayaks

FEDA has carried out a series of eco-tourism projects with young motivated local people keen to contribute to the development of their communities.

The Green Orange Kayaks has been an important source of funding to operate FEDA’s activities over the last six years. The eco-tourism project has created opportunities for local people to earn an income by providing services for tourists interested in exploring the cultural diversity along the Sangke River of Battambang.

P1400554Unique experience

The journey along the Sangke River to Battambang city center takes about two hours (11 kilometers) and is an excellent way to discover the way of life of local people.

The trip provides a rare journey from the rural lives of the fishermen and farmers right into the heart of the city with its different structures and history.

Customers gently paddle down the river as they enjoy the scenes of local life unfold before them.

P1370990Service includes

  • Single/double kayaks
  • Waterproof bag for belongings
  • Lifejacket
  • Map showing your direction
  • Drinking water
  • Dropoff back to your hotel at the end of your trip!


USD$12 per person & USD$5 extra for a local guide, who are all students of FEDA.

Contact fedacambodia@gmail.com (Please contact us by email)