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House of Light and KnowledgeThe House of Light & Knowledge (P’tea Ponleu Vichea in Khmer) is a community and youth centre for the two large communities of Wat Kor and Chheur Teal communes, including Ksach Poy village.

Opened in November 2005, the centre provides free English, primary healthcare, vocational, environmental and peace studies, sports, art and music classes.

In the past, children in the local area were not able to learn another language or other vocational skills. It is hoped that the education provided by FEDA will enable them to have more options than their parents did.

Classes are scheduled so as not to interfere with the local school timetable and take place either early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

DSC02090Learning for life

The House of Light & Knowledge has three classrooms, an office, a computer lab, library, music room, sports facilities and playground. It currently has more than 300 children voluntarily attending classes.

All the courses are designed to complement the curriculum of the local school. As well as providing the children with skills for the future, by working at a local level, the programme hopes to contribute to rebuilding the local community’s social fabric, which was devastated during the Khmer Rouge years.